Hörer helfen Kindern 2008 - Rollstuhl-Rampe für Sarah

Wheelchair ramp for Sarah Yousefi from Hamburg Schnelsen

Sarah is 9 years old and paralyzed from the neck down. That is why she is sitting in an electric wheelchair, which she controls with her chin. In her free time Sarah visits the Christopherus House of the parish of Schnelsen, where she sings with other children, plays and takes part in other children’s groups. She comes into all rooms, except the largest, because there are three stairs, which she cannot cope with her electric wheelchair. There, however, the kids perform the plays and the nativity scene and thats is why Sarah yearningly wishes a ramp for her wheelchair.
Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and the Hanse Lounge donate 944 € for the wheelchair ramp.