Time out for single father and his children

Three years ago, Charles, the single father of three children, had a very serious accident as co-driver of a delivery van. The van drove at high speed into a group of free-running horses, the horses smashed through the windshield and life-threateningly injured Charles. After multiple operations, his right arm is paralyzed and it is certain that he is permanently unable to work.

His eldest daughter Gifty (24 years old) has interrupted her studies to look after her 15-year-old siblings, the twins Brandy and Andy. She managed the household and actively supported her father.
The mother left the family when the children were still small and Charles brought his children with much love and perseverance on a good way. Without his daughter, however, he would not have survived the time of operations and rehabilitation units. The two twins are good at school, do a lot of sport and daughter Gifty will soon resume her studies.
The twins wished for a 10-day holiday stay at the Baltic Sea for their father and sister (apartment with half board, pocket money and Flix bus journey). For these four a vacation at the Baltic Sea is a wonderful thing, because common time, the possibility to have a break and to recharge your batteries has become very rare for this family.