§1 Name & Seat

(1.) The Club’s name is Hanse Lounge – The Private Business Club and is managed by Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co. KG.

(2.) Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co. KG is located in Hamburg and is registered in Hamburg’s commercial registry.

§2 Purpose

(1.) The focal point of the Hanse Lounge philosophy is the encounter. The stylised hanseatic cog sail in the logo symbolises solidarity with the idea of the Hanseatic League and the honourable merchant. Membership is open to women and men. Individual as well as corporate memberships are available.

(2.) Club activities offer a wide variety of presentations, discussions, ceremonies and cultural events. The rooms are also available to members for private events.

(3.) Hanse Lounge activities are limited to the Hamburg area, but does not rule out an exchange with other like-minded clubs.

§3 Financial Year

The financial year is January 1- December 31 of a calendar year.

$4 Members

(1.) The club has:

a) Members residing in Hamburg
b) Foreign members
c) Partner members
d) Corporate members
e) Honorary members*

*Directors of Consulates General or Consulates during their tenure in Hamburg and members of the Hamburg Senate during their term in office.

§5 Membership

(1.) A membership to Hanse Lounge requires sponsorship by two members, each holding a membership for at least one year. These sponsoring members and the applicant may not be affiliated with the same enterprise or company. Recommendations must be submitted in writing and contain the candidate’s full name, profession and address. The advisory committee will render a decision on the membership application. There is no entitlement to claim membership to the Hanse Lounge. The advisory committee renders decisions on new membership with a 2/3 majority independently and confidentially. These decisions require no explanation. Membership begins with a favourable decision by the advisory committee regarding an application. Should a freeze on new memberships be in place, then membership applications are placed on a waiting list.

(2.) Membership entitles members to use of Hanse Lounge’s rooms and facilities and those of its cooperating partners (to terms and conditions negotiated and agreed to by Hanse Lounge) as well as to participate in club events within Hanse Lounge facilities. Members will abide by the club rules. The rooms and facilities are available to members during open hours. The club may close, partially or entirely, on specific days.

(3.) Registrations or cancellations for club events are only accepted when submitted via e-mail to the administration office. In cases of limited capacity, reservations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. A failure to attend without prior cancellation is subject to no-show fees.

(4.) Use of the conference rooms and holding private events is possible and subject to capacity and availability.

(5.) Members may bring guests to the club premises. Guests are obligated to observe the club rules. Membership is non-transferable.

(6.) Corporate memberships allow the membership company holders to name up to 4 people as „Corporate Members“ entitling them to same privileges and obligations – with the exception of membership fees paid by the member company – as private members. Each corporate member requires two members outside of their company as sponsors.

§6 Termination / Loss of Membership

(1.) Membership can be terminated by:

a) Withdrawal or ordinary termination
b) Dismissal from representative office (consulate, senate, etc.)
c) Expulsion
d) Death (The difference of the annual fee until the end of the calendar year is considered as a contribution)
e) Membership for company members ends when the company names another representative member.

§7 Withdrawel / Termination with Notice

The membership contract may be terminated to the end of a calendar year by the member or by Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co. KG. A termination notice is required in writing and must be presented to the club administration or the member by September 30th. A termination with notice requires no particular explanation. Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co. KG may issue termination notices. The advisory committee is to be heard prior to Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co. KG issuing an ordinary termination of membership.

§8 Expulsion

A membership may be ruled out, suspended or immediately terminated by the advisory committee for serious reasons. One serious reason in particular is the failure to pay membership fees within 6 weeks of the due date or within 3 weeks after a late notice has been issued. Other grounds are; significant misconduct or an accumulation of actions of misconduct that when viewed comprehensively constitute serious misconduct; the member has seriously damaged the Hanse Lounge; has seriously acted in opposition to the interests of the Hanse Lounge; personal bankruptcy has been filed and in progress or pending; or the member has committed a crime.

The decision to expel a member must be explained in writing and sent to the member via registered mail.

§9 Membership Fees

(1.) Upon receiving acceptance of membership, the member must then pay an initiation fee as well as annual membership dues as determined by the advisory committee. The amounts are those current at the time of the membership contract’s conclusion. The dues may be adjusted from time to time to accommodate rising costs. Membership dues are billed in January of the calendar year and are due 4 weeks at the latest after invoice receipt.

The annual membership dues for the year of initiation is determined by the date of initiation. Members joining after June 30 only pay half of the current year‘s dues. Should membership begin during the year’s 4th quarter, the member need not pay the annual dues until the following year.

(2.) Other arrangements require the written form.

§10 Membership Card

(1.) Each member receives a „Membercard“.

(2.) The “Membercard“ remains property of the Hanse Lounge and must be returned upon the termination of membership. Should the card is not be returned to within 4 weeks of membership’s end an administration fee of € 100.- is charged and due.

(3.) The management – or at management’s request, the advisory committee – may waive the administration fee (e.g. death of a member)

§11 Advisory Committee

(1.) The Hanse Lounge has an advisory committee. The committee has a minimum of 7 members. Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co KG management appoints or dismisses committee members. The advisory committee members work on a voluntary basis.

(2.) In its constituent session on July 15, 2003, the advisory committee was tasked with the membership issues and to render the decisions to the best of their ability by Hanse Lounge GmbH & Co KG management. The advisory committee may present the management with suggestions regarding club development.

(3.) In ordinary advisory committee meetings, decisions are made through a 2/3 majority of those members in attendance. Written objections and approvals by members not in attendance are valid votes. Advisory committee decisions can also be rendered outside of regular session. Decisions can also be made through a circulation procedure, these being in written form, verbal, via fax, e-mail or a combination thereof in particular in combination with a extraordinary advisory committee sessions attended by representative members along with the submission of the votes and or motions – either beforehand, during or afterwards – from other board members not in attendance.

(4.) An advisory committee quorum is constituted by three votes.

(5.) The advisory committee may expel or suspend a membership for serious reasons. The board may also issue an ordinary termination of a membership contract.

(6.) Other responsibilities not listed in these statutes have not been transferred to the advisory committee.

(7.) The advisory committee bears no liability for its actions.

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