Mobiliar/ Sitzelemente für Maurice Bobsien (10) aus Hollenstedt bei Buchholz

seating elements for Maurice Bobsien (10) from Hollenstedt

Ten-year-old Maurice (born 21.6.1999) suffers from Perthes’ disease, i.e. his femoral head has changed degeneratively and then collapsed. Therefore, Maurice cannot keep upright and move normally. He’s not allowed to do any sports, walk stairs and needs a wheelchair.

His mother takes him to a physiotherapist who works according to the ‘Pörnbach concept’, but this is not recognised by the health insurance. However, the therapy works very well with Maurice and is also recommended by the treating orthopaedist. As part of the therapy, support elements (wedge and abduction element) as well as a special chair and table are recommended for use at home. This enables for example an upright sitting position. The Fund does not pay for this either. Since the parents are unemployment benefit recipients, they cannot make this large expenditure.

Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and Hanse Lounge donate 3,876.43 € for a special table and a chair with special support elements.