Screaming ambulance for babies – 06 June 2012

The SchreiBabyAmbulanz offers low-income families crisis support and helps parents with screaming babies. Since the parents only ever have to pay as much as they can spare per session, and there is no municipal or state support, the Screaming Baby Clinic is dependent on donations. The financial gap of 5.000 Euro could now be closed by donations from Radio Hamburg Hörer helfen Kindern and the Hanse Lounge.

The Screaming Baby Clinic offers first aid in extreme situations and crisis intervention to prevent violence against babies and very young children up to 3 years of age. When babies cry excessively and for a long time or have sleep disturbances and restlessness, their parents can no longer find peace and quietness either. They feel helpless, desperate, physically exhausted and develop anger against the babies. In addition, they are plagued by feelings of guilt and fear of failure. The Screaming Baby Clinic responds to this with physical and conversation therapy methods for the children and parents.