Atmungstherapeut für den Lufthafen am AKK

Respiratory therapist for the pediatric respiratory center at the Altonar Children Hospital (AKK)

Founded four years ago, the “Lufthafen”, now Germany’s largest pediatric respiratory centre, looks after children and adolescents who cannot breathe sufficiently independently. In addition to breathing itself, the coughing up of mucus from the respiratory tract is often also disturbed. However, if larger amounts of mucus remain in the bronchi, this leads on the one hand to shortness of breath and on the other hand to an accumulation of infections up to pneumonia. Thus, the so-called “secretion management” (the application of different techniques of coughing) becomes of paramount importance for these patients.
An extensively trained respiratory therapist especially for children will be one of the first in Germany to structure and optimise respiratory therapy and secretion management at the AKK (Altonar Children Hospital) in order to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of young patients.
Dr. Benjamin Grolle’s presentation was both impressive and frightening. Above all, however, we became aware of how important it is to support children’s medicine in Hamburg, because there are so incredibly sick children who, thanks to this monetary support, have the opportunity to live longer and above all under much more pleasant circumstances.
We are very happy to be able to help in cooperation with “Hamburg macht Kinder gesund” and thank Dr. Alexander Tiedtke (Willy Tiedtke (GmbH & Co.) KG) for his generous and loyal support at our Family Day.