Fall: Umbau für Fiona Dittrich (* 12.7.08) aus Pinneberg

Renovation for one year old Fiona Dittrich

Renovation for Fiona Dittrich (* 12.7.08) from Pinneberg. Fiona was born a year ago as a premature baby with a body weight of 850 g. The mother, Diana Dittrich, had only known that she was pregnant for a week at the time. Little Fiona had to stay in hospital for 3 ½ months until she was allowed to go home. There, too, she had to stay connected to the monitor until March and was very vulnerable.

Because the family (Mrs. Dittrich has two grown-up sons from her first marriage) lives in a very small house, in which there is not even a bedroom for the parents, Fiona’s father added a baby room and a bathroom with little help from outside.

Since Mrs. Dittrich has a 400-EURO job and Fiona’s father did set up his own business as a caretaker shortly before Fiona’s birth, the family could not afford the insulation and materials as well as a room door for Fiona’s room. However, the father can always do all manual work himself.

Especially for a susceptible premature baby like Fiona it is of course important to have a warm, well insulated room, so Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and the Hanse Lounge, donate 1.000 € for a room door and for the insulation and building material that is needed to insulate the baby room so that Fiona does not have to freeze in her room next winter.