Scheckübergabe bei Radio Hamburg mit Tatiana v. Keller, Hanse Lounge, an Susann Grünwald-Aschenbrenner, Vorsitzende des Stiftungsvorstandes.

Reading group “Stiftung Mittagskinder” – 25 May 2011

The Mittagskinder Foundation runs and supports various children’s groups. Between 30 and 40 children meet once a week at the two facilities belonging to the foundation in Neuwiedenthal and Kirchdorf-Süd, as well as at the Rahlstedt-Oldenfelde children’s meeting sponsored by the Rahlstedt-Oldenfelde Foundation, where they read together under the guidance of a reader.

Intensive language support for children
Three readers are available for each children’s meeting so that they can work in small groups. The aim is to enable the children in this way to receive intensive language support, which increases their chances in school and education by many times over. In addition, the joy of reading books in general should be awakened. Every child has a reading card, in which they get a stamp after participating for one hour. When ten stamps are together, the card is full and the child can choose a book of his or her choice as a reward.

The offer for the participating children is free of charge. The total cost of the “reading group” amounts to 6.200 € per year. This includes the fees for the readers as well as the necessary books and the organisation of a reading competition.