Projekt KooleKids der Philip Breuel Stiftung

Project KooleKids of the Philip Breuel Foundation

The project “KooleKids” of the Philipp Breuel Foundation offers courses at 10 primary schools in Hamburg in socially deprived areas, where children with the potential to attend a grammar school receive appropriate support. For several years there has been a course as a pilot project that has been successfully tested.

From the second half of the 3rd grade onwards, pupils who have the potential to move to grammar school will be prepared accordingly. In order to make up for existing deficits in organization and motivation, the kids get to know and deepen different working techniques on predominantly self-chosen topics within the framework of an independent project-oriented work. This strengthens the self-confidence of the children, which they need for their further school career. The course takes place once a week and includes two school hours. Group size: 6 participants.
A course costs 1.700 € for one year (salary of the course director). There will be 10 schools participating, we will cover the costs for five schools (8.500 €).