Maltherapie-Projekt "Arielle malt mit Dir" - 4. September 2013

Painting therapy project “Arielle paints with you” – September 4, 2013

The painting therapy project “Arielle paints with you” was founded in 2008 on the initiative of the chief physician of the Heidberg Asklepios Nord Children’s Hospital Dr. Norbert Veelken. Up to 15 children (between 2 – 18 years) take part in the painting therapy on one morning, divided into several groups. If necessary, the children also receive individual therapy.

After talking to the doctor and nurse about the children’s health and needs, the painting therapist Arielle Drouard comes to the hospital bed with a painting cart. Depending on the condition, symptoms, age and wishes, a painting exercise with ink, watercolour, crayons, wax crayons or pastel chalk is then carried out. Parents can be involved. Through creative work, the children can use their resources, distract themselves from pain and oppressive mental circumstances and thus better deal with their situation.

The demand for the project is still very high in the fifth year, but financing is dependent on donations. The material costs are covered by the painting school. The total requirement for 2013 is 5.600 € of which only 2.100 € (for about 100 children) are needed.

Radio Hamburg Hörer helfen Kindern donates together with the Hanse Lounge the necessary 2.100 €, so that also this year many small patients can participate in the painting therapy.