Musiktherapie für die Kinderstation 3 des Universitätsklinikums Eppendorf

Music therapy for the pediatric ward 3 of the University Hospital Eppendorf

Children with neuropaediatric diseases are cared for in section 3 of the University Hospital Eppendorf. These diseases occure for example due to accidents, complications at birth, infections or brain tumors. Many of the children cannot communicate through speech, but are all the more susceptible to acoustic and tactile stimuli.
Many of the children are incurable and suffer from a lifelong disease, so that one focus is on palliative medical care. Music therapy enables children to communicate with their environment, express emotions and temporarily forget physical limitations. At the same time, many of the children make great progress in cognitive, psychosocial, but also motoric areas.

In one year about 500 children benefit from the music therapy care, the annual costs amount to 11.000 €. In this project, we share the costs with Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ campaign.