Membership Fees

Corporate Membership

The member shall be proposed for admission by name by the company and confirmed by the advisory board. The company may exercise its right of admission and replace the member by another person, a new admission fee will be due. The new members must also be confirmed by the advisory board.

  • Admission fee per person  € 1.900
  • Annual fee for member € 920
  • Fees quoted plus VAT

Private Membership

  • Admission fee per person € 1.900
  • Annual fee (by admission after 30th June, fees will be charged pro rata)  € 920
  • Humidor compartment  € 180
  • Invoice is issued exclusively to the private individual

Overseas Membership

First place of residence abroad (more than 200 days a year), as well as addressee for invoices and correspondence.

  • Admission fee € 760
  • Annual fee € 430
  • Fees invoiced to companies are quoted with VAT

Partner Membership

Admission fee not applicable

  • Annual fee € 540

Foreign Membership

On request