1. Anyone who intends to become a member of the Hanse Lounge must be proposed by two members, who have each been members of the Club for at least one year. The proposals may not come from the same company. The proposal must be submitted in writing, stating the name, profession and address of the recommended person. The Advisory Board shall decide on membership. There is no right to admission to the Hanse Lounge. The Advisory Board decides on the admission of a new member with a 2/3 majority, independently and confidentially. The decision is not justified. With the positive decision of the advisory board on the admission, a membership contract comes into effect. Should there be an admission stop, the applicant will be added to the waiting list.

2. Membership entitles the holder to use the premises and facilities of the Hanse Lounge and any cooperation partners (at the conditions agreed by the Hanse Lounge) and to participate in club events within the Hanse Lounge. Members must observe the Club Rules. The premises and facilities of the Hanse Lounge are available to Members during opening hours. The Club may be fully or partially closed on certain days.

3. Registrations and cancellations for club events can only be accepted in writing or by e-mail at the administration office. In the event of limited space, the order of receipt of reservations is decisive. In case of no-show without prior written cancellation, a corresponding no-show fee will be charged.

4. Private events and the use of the conference rooms are possible subject to capacity and other events in the club rooms by arrangement.

5. Members may bring guests to the premises. Guests are obliged to observe the club rules.

6. In the case of corporate membership, the admitted company shall be the holder of the membership and shall assume the obligation to pay dues for the admitted member. The member confirmed by the Advisory Board may be replaced by another person by virtue of the company’s right of place, and a new admission fee will be payable. The new member must also provide two sponsors, who may not be from among the other company members, and must be confirmed by the Advisory Board.

7. Membership is not transferable.