Lichtblick Project – 11 July 2012

The “Lichtblick” project was initiated in 2008 by the Pädagogische Initiative e.V., a recognized association of independent youth welfare in Lüneburg and the surrounding area. Lichtblick helps children and young people to cope with individually experienced grief and is financed exclusively by donations. The work consists of group therapy (three hours every two weeks) as well as individual sessions and crisis intervention. The meetings take place in groups of the same age.

It costs 600 € per year to finance a place for one child in the mourning group. This includes all personnel, material and management costs. Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and the Hanse Lounge donate 6.000 € so that 10 children who have lost a beloved one can participate in a mourning therapy for one year.