Hörer helfen Kindern 2009 - Behindertengerechtes Auto für Laila

Handicapped accessible car for Laila

Laila was born on April 20, 2004 and developed normally at first. At the age of 7 months, however, she suddenly had a cramping seizure from which she did not recover. She became weaker and weaker and finally she was in the intensive care unit of the children’s hospital Altona.
Only after five months in hospital – Laila had to be artificially ventilated, the diagnosis was clear:
Laila suffers from spinal muscular atrophy of the SMARD type. This is a lifelong and life-threatening disease that requires long-term, comprehensive medical care. Laila cannot move on her own, is therefore dependent on the wheelchair and must be ventilated permanently with a tracheotomy.

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Altogether, only 32 children in Germany suffer from this disease, whose life expectancy is 11 years. Most of the affected children do not learn to speak, but Laila has learned this and has now even passed (at the age of almost five) the school enrolment test. Despite her fate, Laila is a fun-loving girl who is looking forward to school.

Laila is best when she can be with her family. She would like to accompany her parents and her sisters Ranya (7) and Danya (10 months) to visit relatives or make a trip together. This was previously not possible because Laila’s wheelchair and respirator did not fit into the family’s old, small car. Since their father is unemployed, the Cetinakayas cannot afford a new car.

7.000 € are needed for a car suitable for the disabled, 5.000 € are donated by the Hanse Lounge from the proceeds of the children’s festival. At the cheque presentation the Hanse Lounge is represented by Tatiana von Keller, Marketing Director and Saskia Weiß from the Pastalozzi Foundation Hamburg, who asked for Laila’s support.