Hamburg macht Kinder gesund e.V. – UKE Children’s Hospital – 3 July 2012

In one of 1,000,000 cases, children may be born with severe familial hypercholesterolemia. That means they have a too high cholesterol level in the blood. These children often suffer their first heart attack or stroke before the age of 20. They therefore die prematurely of diseases of the blood vessels. The affected children have a genetic defect that prevents the liver from  degrading the cholesterol properly.

An established method of treating this disease is lipidapheresis, a type of blood washing in which LDL cholesterol is filtered from the blood. This allows many patients to achieve normal cholesterol levels and often even an improvement of the blood vessels. Lipidapheresis is applied once a week throughout the life of the affected children.
The UKE Children’s Hospital has newly established lipidapheresis and is the only care centre for children with hypercholesterolemia in northern Germany. The next clinic that can perform this treatment is in Berlin. In order to enable other children to receive care close to home, the children’s clinic would now like to hire an extra nurse on a 400 euro basis for a period of 2 years. Radio Hamburg Hörer helfen Kindern donated together with the AUDI Zentrum Hamburg and the Hanse Lounge Hamburg the 9.600 € needed for this.