Halbwaise Alex Voigt – 5. Juli 2013

Half Orphan Alex Voigt – 5 July 2013

Alex Voigt, 12 years old, from Billstedt lost his sister and grandmother in a car accident six years ago. He and his mother were in the car, survived the tragic accident. His mother unfortunately became a drug addict. For Alex his childhood was over, because he had to take care of his mother and deal with what he had experienced himself. As he attracted attention at school, the Youth Welfare Office arranged a family care through the ‘Rauhe Haus’, as well as the admission of a trauma therapy. Alex mother was arrested in 2011 in front of her child in Poland for attempted manslaughter and subsequently sentenced to six years in prison. Alex father came to Hamburg to take care of his son. He is very committed to the child and tries everything to give him a bright future.

Since the two live on Hartz 4, the ‘Rauhe Haus’ asked for support in furnishing the apartment, especially a children’s room for Alex.