Hörer helfen Kindern 2008 - Rotznasen e.V. in Altona

Computer and office furniture for the Rotznasen e.V. in Altona

The association “Die Rotznasen e.V.” offers circus lessons for approx. 120 children (mainly from the surrounding area) and is a recognised sponsor of independent youth welfare. Recently, the number of kids in the club has risen sharply. In addition, more and more neglected and poverty-stricken children and the associated behavioural problems can be observed.
With joint training and performances, the children should be able to spend their free time in a family atmosphere, make friends and discover their talents and strengths. Due to the constantly growing number of children, the Rotznasen e. V. need financial support, which benefits the circus lessons, but also to cover the associated administrative expenses and furnishings.
We donate 2464 € with the help of Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’.