Club meeting with the topic Ethics for Meat Eaters

With great pleasure we invite you and your guests on Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 7 p.m. to a club meeting with the topic

“Eating animals is allowed – Ethics for Meat Eaters”

As guest speakers we are pleased to welcome our member, Dr. Florian Asche, lawyer and columnist of the hunting magazine “WILD und HUND”. The author argues with the philosophy of animal rights, especially when it comes to classical, culturally shaped forms of use such as hunting and fishing.

In the fairy tales of our childhood, oxen were still grilled on a spit, the hunter was Snow White’s life saver and the roasted pigeons flew directly into the people’s mouths in the land of milk and honey. Just a few years ago, the advertising slogan for the German consumer was ” Meat is a piece of life force ” and a children’s curd was “as valuable as a small steak”.
And today? The bookshelves are overflowing with vegan food guides. Celebrities consider it chic to eat without animal food. Models go “better naked than in fur!”. Animals become humanized, people demonized. Are vegans and animal rights activists really the saviours of tomorrow? Are they the ethically better people? Is vegan nutrition more ecological? Or are we on the road to a new environmental radicalism?

A humorous and polarizing evening awaits you – the author will also quote from his books.

The price of € 39 includes delicacies from the kitchen and selected drinks.


Cancellations addressed in writing to the administration by Monday, 6 February 2017, are free of charge. In case of short notice cancellations and non-appearance we charge 100% of the participation fee.