Scheckübergabe an Die Radio Füchse im Radio Hamburg Studio mit Philipp Kolanghis

Children’s Media Project Die Radio Füchse – October 6, 2014

Since 2005 the association Kinderglück e.V. offers the media project “Radiofüchse” to children between 6 and 14 years. The young participants discuss and plan their topics, are on the road as reporters, cut audio contributions or upload audio podcasts. They report on everything that touches and interests them. For example, they produce entire radio programmes for the TIDE public radio station.

Great popularity of the “radio foxes”
The project started with just eight children and now has up to 150 participants per year. Children of different origin, skin colour and religion meet in the editorial offices of the Radio Foxes. Children from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds or children from refugee families thus expand their language and speaking skills, which boosts their self-confidence enormously. As a result of the fact that everyone can participate, the offer is free.

For holiday workshops and other projects
The “Radio Foxes” do not receive any public funding and are financed exclusively by donations and subsidies. For the group of children 3.510 € are needed. There is also a lack of financial support for two holiday workshops, which cost a total of 3.000 € in order to be realized.