Childcare for Cord and Georg from Egestorf

In order for the Büttinghaus family from Egestorf to continue providing childcare, the family needs a total of 12,000 Euro.

Until 28 March 2015 Silke and Jörg had a happy family life. 31-year-old Silke is 8 months pregnant with her second child when she collapses in front of her husband in the morning and screams in panic that she can feel neither arms nor legs. Minutes later Silke is flown to the hospital by helicopter. Stroke in the brain, Silke has an aneurysm and additional severe cerebral hemorrhage. The chance of survival is less than ten percent. The doctors want to save the life of the unborn child in any case. Little Georg is born healthy at 3000 grams and 51 centimeters.

Trapped in her own body, Silke survives, but has been suffering from locked-in syndrome (LIS) ever since. LIS patients are fully conscious but completely immobile. Only the eyes can be moved to communicate. Father Jörg (39) fights for his family. He knows Silke has to come back. As often as possible he visits her together with the children, the two year old Cord and the eight month old Georg, to let them participate in life and to give the children time with their mother. Small successes are that she can move her left hand and head a little – this is a miracle. He invests all his time and money in the therapy of his wife and the care of his children. On 22 December 2015 Silke actually came home and the family continues the therapy and care there.

24-hour care for the two boys is necessary. In addition to the normal costs of a family of four, high additional costs for the therapy and care of the mother, the two children need to be looked after: two nannies take turns looking after the sons of the family 24 hours a day. Cost: 8.000 Euro per month. Father Jörg wants his two boys to grow up in their sheltered home, so this is the only solution at the moment.

In the context of the donation marathon of Radio Hamburg Hörer helfen Kindern we help this family with a partial donation in the amount of 7200 €.