Hörer helfen Kindern 2009 - Teppich für Jana Bartnicki (2) aus Norderstedt

Carpet for Jana Bartnicki (2) from Norderstedt

Jana (born January 2007) had meningitis last year, which led to sepsis. As a result, the left forefoot and all toes of the right foot had to be amputated. Therefore Jana has difficulties to learn to walk

Recording Radio Hamburg 1

Recording Radio Hamburg 2

The mother, formerly a drug addict, has just separated from her husband, is on  unemployment benefit and lives with Jana and her big brother Janis (9) in an apartment that is only fitted with carpet in the living rooms. Job center and welfare do not pay for the other rooms, although it is important for Jana that she has soft floors everywhere with her broken feet.

Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and the Hanse Lounge donate 500 € for cosy carpeting in all other rooms.