Big responsibility for a little girl: Mariam from Mümmelmannsberg

Mariam Maguiraga (12 years) lives in Mümmelmannsberg with her mother and her two siblings Karim (five years) and Seydou (six years). Her mother is a single parent due to domestic violence by her husband since five years, is overburdened with the situation and has been suffering from persistent depression ever since. A family helper accompanies her and the children in everyday life.

Big responsibility for Mariam
Little Karim was born without an anus, but is fortunately healthy again today. Seydou goes to first grade. Sister Mariam usually takes her brothers alone to kindergarten or school and picks them up again. She takes care of the boys and deals with them, because the mother often lacks the strength for it. Due to her mother’s problems, Mariam is often neglected and in the end she is the one who has to take care of her little siblings on her own responsibility.

Mariam can pursue her hobby
Since the family gets its means of subsistence from the job centre, there is no money for leisure activities. Mariam is a big horse fan and despite the domestic problems a very good pupil. Her biggest wish is regular riding lessons, for her the only compensation for the duties she takes on in the family. She has already had the opportunity to visit a riding stable nearby, but riding lessons are priceless for the girl. Her brothers would like bicycles and the family counselor recommends that the two boys have to learn how to swim.

We are happy to fulfill the wishes of Marian and her two brothers.