Altona Children’s Hospital – Perinatal Centre – 19 October 2011

In the Perinatal Centre (PNZ) of the Altona Children’s Hospital, about 20 children are born from drug-dependent mothers every year. Many of these newborns suffer from a withdrawal syndrome of maternal drugs and require special medical care.

In the perinatal centre, the young families in this special situation receive intensive care, which initially has to take place exclusively in the hospital. It is about making a living, planning a living space suitable for children, building a structured everyday life for the regular and reliable daily care of the children and ensuring sufficient educational support and education. It is also important to build up a social network for the young parents. The approach to this intensive care must take place in the first few days after birth, for which support is required.

The association “Hamburg macht Kinder gesund” would like to finance a social pedagogue or social worker for one year who fulfils the above-mentioned tasks in close cooperation with the staff at the Perinatal Centre and a team from the Hamburg drug counselling centre “Palette”. To secure the financing of the project for one year 10.000 € are needed. After one year of start-up financing, this position will then be transferred to public financing.