Eltern Ehlers, Dr. Sebastian Binger vom Grundeigentümerverein Neuer Wall, Vanessa und Sarah, Moderatorin Birgit Hahn und Tatiana von Keller von der Hanse Lounge (v.l.n.r.)

A children’s room for Vanessa and Sarah – 15 July 2011

Vanessa (born 2002) and Sarah (born 2004) from Sierksrade near Berkentin both suffer from epilepsy. The father, also an epileptic, has a €1 job and has been drawing early retirement since spring 2011. Mrs. Ehlers cannot work either, as she suffers from a chronic illness and looks after her daughters herself.

Due to the miserable financial situation of the family, all corners and ends are missing, the children’s rooms of the daughters are in a desolate condition. To renew the wardrobe, shelf and carpet, the family asks for financial support in the amount of 1.500 €.