Hörer helfen Kindern 2008 - Rollstuhlrampe für Dominik

Wheelchair ramp for Dominik Zühlsdorf from Buchholz

Ten-year-old Dominik is severely handicapped. His mother died in March 2008. Since then his father has taken care of Domnink and his brother alone. At the moment the family lives on sick pay. Dominik’s father will have to give up his job (he worked at night) for the benefit of the children.
In order to continue to drive Dominik to the therapies and doctors, the family needs a wheelchair ramp for the car. This costs 4.200 €. The Rotary Club of Buchholz will pay 2.700 €. As the single father cannot afford the remaining 1.500 € the aunt of thetwo bows asked for financial support.