Birgit Hahn interviewt Julia

Therapy chair for Julia

Julia, 8 years old – was born in the 24th week of pregnancy and is 100% severely disabled. It is motorically strongly retarded, has problems with breathing and swallowing. She is monocularly blind but develops mentally positive according to the circumstances. A therapy chair that has a positive influence on Julia’s posture and body functions is supposed to make her life easier. The health insurance refuses to pay for such a chair, on their opinion a “TripTrap chair” is sufficient.

After Julia had the therapy chair for testing at home, it became clear that it provides an optimal posture and thus relieves Julia’s health problems. The family lacks the financial means for a therapy chair, Julia’s father is the main breadwinner, works at the airport. Hher mother is at home and takes care of Julia and brother Finn, 4 years. The family tried to find  a so-called demonstration chair in a medical supply store, so that Julia has a therapy chair for her home and one for the school. (2290 €)