Lesegruppe Stiftung Mittagskinder

Reading group “Stiftung Mittagskinder”

For 3 years now, we have been looking after the Kirchdorf-Süd children’s centre, an institution of the “Mittagskinder” foundation, which has the so-called “reading project”. For many children, these reading groups, where they read and read together, are the highlight of the week. Three readers work in small groups with the children with the aim of promoting the children’s language development and awakening the joy of the book medium – according to the motto “The discovery of reading means the end of boredom”.

The participating children, all aged 6 to 11 years, receive a small reading pass. After each participation in the weekly reading hour there is a small stamp in this card, which has ten fields for it. The stamps show e.g. a starfish, a flower etc. If the ID card is fully stamped, the child may wish for a book of his or her own choice as a reward. Participation in the reading groups is free of charge for the children.  The total annual costs for this reading project amount to 6200 €, including the fees of the readers, the books required and the organisation of the reading competition.

We are pleased to be able to cover the total annual costs of 6200 € again this year.