Petö-Therapie für Leon-Alexander - 28. Juni 2011

Petotherapy for Leon-Alexander – 28 June 2011

The small Leon-Alexander suffers from a developmental delay in all areas due to severe brain damage and for example he can’t walk yet. When Leon’s parents received this diagnose in August 2010, they were already expecting their daughter, who is now 5 months old. The family tries to support their son in the best possible way. They hope that Leon will be able to undergo petotherapy in the period from July 4 to 22, 2011.

The Petö Therapy is intended to intensify Leon’s motor skills, as the therapist works with Leon for several hours a day for three weeks during the Petö-Course.

Since the two children are still very young, only Papa Heiko is working. The family budget is not sufficient for an intensive Petö therapy, which was recommended to the family by the child neurologist. The amount of 1.980 € are not covered by the health insurance company.