Matschanlage für die Kita Brummkreisel aus Barmbek-Süd

Mud plant for the day care centre Brummkreisel from Barmbek-Süd

The integrative day care centre Brummkreisel from Barmbek-Süd looks after 32 children. The day care centre suffers from a lack of money due to financial restructuring and cuts by the authorities. To keep the day care centre running, they now want to take in more kids. In addition, they are currently creating an additional room and a children’s kitchen in which the little ones (including the integration children) will be involved in the food preparations.
And as another feature they would like to built a muddy area in the garden to support the children, especially those with sensomotor difficulties. The entire garden conversion costs 31.000 €. The total amount includes 3.149 Euro for the slush system including water pump, a slush table and a water tank.

Radio Hamburg ‘Hörer helfen Kindern’ and the Hanse Lounge donate the missind 3.149 € for the mud plant.