Chris, Dennis und Felix Blenke – 6. Juni 2013

Chris, Dennis and Felix Blenke – June 6, 2013

Beatrice Blenke’s 3 sons suffer from ADHD from early age on. The mother has been separated from the father of the children since two years, because the father was overburdened with this illness, which takes up a lot of strength and time.

At the moment the family lives of  unemployment benefit Hartz IV. The mother can no longer carry out her work as a nurse due to the numerous therapies for their sons. In order to no longer be dependent on Hartz IV, Beatrice Blenke now wants to retrain to be an educator. She receives maintenance and support from her husband, despite the overwork.

Since the children are very isolated because of their illness, firm friendships are rather rare and among the brothers it comes more frequently to fights, cries and quarrels, because it prevails a large rivalry between them. Especially the youngest, Felix, worries the mother because he has massive outbursts of anger and thus avoids his mother the public. The family child psychiatrist advocates hippotherapy that promotes children’s low self-confidence and has a positive influence on their social behaviour.

The therapy of the boys is accompanied by Annika Röder (child and youth psychotherapist) and Kay Pohle in Wedel, costs for a 2-year therapy 5,640 Euro.