A therapy horse for the children’s home “Haus Erlenbusch” – September 2, 2014

In the children’s home Erlenbusch in Hamburg-Volksdorf live 42 severely disabled children whose disabilities are so severe that it is hardly possible to care for them at home. Many are fed by stomach tube, cannot move alone and have no head control.

A weekly highlight (more often during the holidays) is the visit of therapy horse Willi. Approx. 35 children see the horse regularly and profit from the contact with the calm animal and the offer of a riding therapy. On horseback, the children and young people with their many physical problems can relax particularly well. The maintenance of the therapy horse is financed by the Friends of the children’s home, the care of the animal is done on a voluntary basis.

Therapy horse Willi is now 22 years old and must be sent into retirement. Therefore, the keepers wanted a successor for the old gelding. The mare La Luna now succeeds Willi and the children were very excited when both horses appeared at the children’s home.